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Red Eye Reflex Examination

Red Eye Reflex examination after 2 months of birth

Imperative to get red reflex examination conducted within 2 months of birth to check for any issues with the retina and to detect retinoblastoma by a pediatrician or an opthalmologist

It has to be conducted by pediatricians, ophthalmologist and general practitioners
This is the most neglected examination and sometimes overlooked by pediatricians who are looking at other health indicators of the child and not at this very important factor which can impact the eyes. However, before discharging the infant from neonatal care and next visits the red eye examination should be mandatory for the kids who are checked for chest, stomach, height, weight etc.

Important for early detection of retinoblastoma
It is an essential tool for detecting retinoblastoma early which is important for early diagnosis and resulting in early treatment, eradication of retinoblastoma. Other issues of eye can have early indicators which can be detected by the red reflex test like glaucoma, cataract etc.