Diagnosis of retinoblastoma

Imperative to get your child's eye checked regularly

Many parents are either ignorant about the need to get an eye check up to be conducted for their children at an early age or are absolutely not aware about the possibility of eye cancer, thus taking their child to a pediatrician but not to an ophthalmologist. This results in late detection of Retinoblastoma which has severe consequences like blindness, loss of one eye, or possible spread of the tumor to the brain threatening the life of the child

Generally an ophthalmologist would dilate the pupils in order to observe and confirm retinoblastoma, apart from looking for the sign of a white circle which indicates retinoblastoma.  As with any cancer the earlier the detection the better are the chances of the cure.

Red Eye Reflex Test


The first signs of Retinoblastoma can be easily be detected with a red eye reflex test conducted by pediatrician or ophthalmologist when the child is 0-3 months and above to check for signs of retinoblastoma.




Retinoblastoma Ultrasound

An ultrasound performed by a health care professional can also serve as a great tool towards the diagnosis of Retinoblastoma. The image shown here is from an actual diagnosis of retinoblastoma.


MRI / CT Scan


This is the toughest way, as its virtually impossible for the child to remain still throughout the duration of the scan. For the scan to be successful the child should not move, hence this is generally performed with the child under some form of sedation so that the child will remain still for the scan.