How to manage

How to manage

Managing Retinoblastoma

Treatment of any cancer depends spread of the cancer cells and how aggressive is the cancer progression in the child eye. After ascertaining the stage and state of the tumor a course of action can be decided by the team of doctors. As a cancer if retinoblastoma is detected early it can be cured 90% of the time and children can lead a healthy life with just a post review follow up with doctor for relapse of the disease is required.

For management of this disease focus on the treatment and treatment options as suggested by your doctor. Once the treatment action plan is decided firm up your schedules and plans accordingly for hospital visits, leaves to be applied at the office, medical insurance formalities, and financial budgeting to help plan for other related costs. Cancer treatment can be hard on the family both mentally and financially so keep a healthy balance of both in order to succeed. Be open to interact with support groups online and on social media with other parents facing the same situation it would help you in dealing with this health crisis.

Treatment of retinoblastoma